High school reunions generally fall under the Definitely Do Not Attend category, as they are basically an excuse for those hopelessly stuck in the past to get even drunker off misguided nostalgia. However, when you went to high school with Gucci Mane, it's perfectly reasonable to consider actually attending your 20-year reunion after Guwop himself steps up with an offer like this.

Early Tuesday, Gucci hit the tweets to announce his plan to pay for the Ronald E. McNair High School Class of 1998's 20-year reunion. "I want to personally invite anybody who graduated from McNair a.k.a. McNasty a.k.a. Bouldercrest High to V-103 Car and Bike Show to go with me," he said.

McNair High got multiple mentions in last year's New York Times best-seller The Autobiography of Gucci Mane, which is now being made into a movie. Mere weeks after Gucci teased that a self-directed adaptation is "coming to a theater near you," the Hollywood Reporter confirmed that the biopic was now in development. Paramount Players and Imagine Entertainment are producing the film, which doesn't yet have a cast or release date attached.

Gucci is also working on a new book, though it's unclear whether he will again go the autobiographical route. "I started writing my second book today," he announced in January, adding that Autobiography of Gucci Mane was "just the beginning."