Nothing can phase Cardi B right now.

As All-Star Weekend approached, she was receiving death threats from people who were upset about what they perceived as disrespect towards the Crips in an Instagram post. By the looks of a courtside video taken during the game, however, she remained completely unbothered after coming to Los Angeles to perform at several parties.

Sitting in a prime front row seat, Cardi is caught completely feelin' herself by TNT's cameras as her "Bartier Cardi" single blares over the arena's PA system. Wearing oversized red sunglasses to match her shiny jacket, Cardi is seen chomping on popcorn and enthusiastically bobbing along to the song in a clip that has a 100 percent chance of getting included in a million #MOOD posts as I type this.

Honestly, the best part of the video might be the guy next to her, who visibly swings through several emotions, ranging from excitement to embarrassment, as he realizes that he's about to turned into a meme. Watch the clip in all its glory below.

Shortly before tip-off, Cardi left a hint that she was in top form, posting an Instagram video of herself letting out an extended evil laugh about her affordable pants. "Hello there, minions," she said, looking out over the LA skyline. "Do you want to know how rich people like me stay rich? By staying on a budget. These pants right here are by Fashion Nova.​"

Cardi B stays winning.