It's been a busy yet controversial start to 2018 for Spotify, which is reportedly planning to go public in the first quarter of the year, but is facing a $1.6 billion lawsuit for using songs without proper licensing.

Still, the streaming service has continued to dominate the market. The company recently announced it crossed the 70 million subscriber mark, which Variety noted dwarfs Apple Music's 30 million in second place.

The company celebrated their latest milestone with an understated tweet.

Hello 70 million subscribers 👏

— Spotify (@Spotify) January 4, 2018

With streaming up more than 50 percent in 2017, Spotify has become one of the most influential entities in the music industry, even as they face criticism and grapple with trying to be an ethically-conscious organization. In 2017, Information is Beautiful published an infographic claiming that Spotify's per stream royalties were lower than those of Tidal and Apple Music.

In September 2017, Spotify announced a partnership with Hulu on a joint $4.99 bundle of both services for undergrad students. They recently released their 2017 recap information as well, which included their top artists, albums, and songs.

Image via Spotify

The streaming giant should enjoy their success while they have it, because rumor has it that everyone from Tesla to Kanye West might be coming for their corner.