We all know what it’s like to be trolled by your ex on social media, but hopefully your ex wasn’t as extra about it as Rick Ross’. It appears the rapper is dealing with some serious baby mama drama these days. His ex, Tia Kemp, savagely dragged him in series of posts she made to her Instagram story, calling him out for being an absentee father.

According to Kemp, Ross hasn’t dropped a call or a text to his son in six months. In another post, Kemp goes off, “You would think after finding ya best friend Black dead n ya crib last month would make u wanna cleanse ya heart. But the ppl around u won’t tell u wats right So I will.. U riding with the Devil.” Damn. She got biblical on his ass (and somehow never heard his song with Hov?).


#RickRoss responds to his baby mother #TiaKemp

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Ross responded with some video posts of his own. The rapper threw some hella passive aggressive shade Kemp’s way. Ross calmly drops tidbits about how his daughter’s mother beat up Kemp, and that’s why she’s salty, and that Kemp’s eldest sons have MMG tattoos. He also suggests Kemp is using their child as a way to feed her “10 siblings,” and mentions the fact that he slept with Kemp’s sister before her. Yikes.

“Get over it,” he says in one of the posts. Ross also goes on to say that Kemp needs “professional help” and that she should “go by Checkers," get herself “a chili dog with extra cheese,” and be “proud that [her] son’s father owns [the restaurant chain].” Rick Ross may be a great rapper, but a diplomat he is not. TBH, this shit seems petty and immature AF on both sides. But hey, I’m the one writing about it.