One of Canada's most inspiring and talented artists is looking for immediate medical help. John River shared his harrowing story on social media last week and told fans about a serious and unidentified illness that has left him with vision and mobility issues. River, whose real name is Matthew Derrick-Huie, posted a lengthy thread explaining his frustration and concern after being repeatedly ignored by multiple healthcare professionals. River says that trips to the hospital eventually ended in misdiagnosis and psychiatric assessment.

The emcee says it all began in early December, when he went to a Mississauga hospital after experiencing intense chest pain. "They asked me to describe my pain and I told them, it felt like I had a broken rib or a little fracture in my chest," River said. "They ran some tests on my heart and did an X-Ray. They told me everything looked fine and I was probably just stressed. Then they sent me home." You can read the entire thread below via his official Twitter account.

John is now asking anyone that can help to reach out to his email address, The rapper's father also took to social media on Friday to let fans know that any GoFundMe campaigns are not associated with the family and will be reported. "Early morning. Dad is here typing now," the tweet reads. "Just wanted to say while help is appreciated, we just can't accept any money. Medical assistance and facilitation is ideal, but no gofundsme please. I just personally don't feel comfortable accepting money in any capacity. Thanks."