This Sunday the Grammys will air its 60th award ceremony, and from the sounds of things this is not going to be one to miss. With a number of super talented performers to some of the best nominees in a while, the 60th Grammys promise to be one of the most exciting nights of the year so far.

Going into the ceremony, it's important to keep in mind just how groundbreaking this year's could be. We've put together a handy guide detailing some of the most interesting aspects of the upcoming show, detailing how rap could score big. In particular, it's worth noting that both Jay Z and Kendrick Lamar are both nominated for Album of the Year, and if either of them walk home with the award, it would mark the first time a hip-hop album has ever won in the marquee category.

There's plenty more to keep in mind as the show approaches, however, and check out our video above to see what you should be looking out for this Sunday.