More sketchy news is coming from Meek Mill's probation hearing that led to his shocking two-to-four-year prison sentence this past November. According to TMZ, the court clerk from Meek's hearing slipped him a note requesting money. 

In the note, Wanda Chavarria asked Meek if he would be able to help her pay for her son's last semester of college at Virginia Commonwealth University. "I hope you don't take offense to this letter or my request but I had to take this opportunity for my son," the note reads. Chavarria also left her phone number and e-mail on the off chance that the Philly rapper decided to help out the struggling mother despite the fact she was asking him as he awaited a potential prison sentence. The note continues, "Unfortunately, I am unable to fully financially support Marsell's dream of going to college and pursuing his dream. So I am turning to our friends and family for help. IT TAKES A VILLAGE!!! Every little helps -- please donate what you can to keep him attending VCU."

Meek does have a history of giving back to his Philadelphia community, but it was definitely super questionable timing to slip the note. Chavarria told TMZ that Brinkley had no idea that she requested the money and that she simply hoped he would be willing to help a fellow Philly native. Although she did not receive any money from the rapper, her son will still be able to finish his last semester and is set to graduate in May.

The controversy surrounding Meek Mill's prison sentence has been highly publicized over the past few months due to the news that Brinkley's heavy-handed sentence might have been due to a personal vendetta with the rapper. The latest update from the case looks promising for Meek. A judge has requested documents that include records of a conversation between Brinkley and Meek that could prove she was biased and acting unprofessionally with her sentencing. If Brinkley did say what Meek is alleging, which was request that the rapper switch his management and sign with her friend and shout her out on a track, Meek might be able to be released from prison much sooner than expected.