ASAP Rocky is fairly accomplished at roasting.

Rocky took time out from his stacked schedule of fashion innovation and LSD-inspired recording sessions to deliver a roast package to collaborator Playboi Carti after spotting a photo of him on Instagram's Explore tab. The photo, shared on a Carti fan account, showed Carti with a woman's legs propped up on his shoulders. The legs in question were clad in outdated acid wash jeans. The pic has since been removed. Rocky's roast, however, lives on:

"Carti 'bout to get it!" Rocky said in between bouts of relatable laughter. "Oh man, goddamn. Yo, you old stinkin' cheek-ass n***a. Put your motherfuckin' legs on my shoulders while I hit it from the front-ass n***a. Put your favorite pumps on-ass n***a. That bitch don't take them Back to the Future acid wash jeans off your motherfuckin' shoulder, n***a. Like it ain't 2017, you bum-ass n***a. Yo, Carti. You lucky you lil bro. I'mma let you live 'cause I love you to death, but you gotta chill. That's all I'mma say."

Post-roast, Rocky presumably got back into album mode. The At. Long. Last. ASAP followup was originally expected to drop before the end of 2017, but that clearly didn't happen. At an ASAP Mob show back in November, Rocky declared himself "the greatest fuckin' artist of all time" and said the album would be out soon.

"Yeah, I'm on my cocky Kanye shit, whatever the fuck, suck my dick with that, n***a," Rocky told the New York City crowd. "I'm the greatest contemporary artist of all time, Renaissance, contemporary, all that."