50 Cent loves when "people underestimate" him. Back in 2015, the rapper-turned-mogul filed for bankruptcy, but since then, he has made a major comeback. With a new film, Den of Thieves, on the horizon and an unexpected $8.5 million from bitcoins in his pocket, 50 is coming for all the naysayers who have questioned his recent money moves.

In a recent Instagram post, 50 told his 17 million IG followers they "should know" by now that he's "not the kinda guy that just go away." He later added, "I made sh*t happen, I'm the plug." But one Instagrammer suggested that since 50 went bankrupt, it's only natural for people to doubt him.


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50 Cent is not one to hold back his words — just ask Diddy. So it was no surprise when 50 clapped back at the fan and said he's only broke when it's convenient for him or "when I need to be." This is especially for when people ask him for money.

"Sh*t ask me for some money and I ain't got it," 50 wrote. "Nope. I don't know where it went."

Since 2015, 50 has taken some major victory laps, and he announced he's officially no longer bankrupt in 2017. He has produced the Starz hit show Power, sold his shares in Effen Vodka for $60 million, and may even get another shot at throwing a baseball pitch after he epic failed at it in 2014.

His upcoming film, Den of Thieves, is scheduled to be released in theater on March 8.