Back in 2011, Waka Flocka Flame nearly died when his tour bus was fired at in an attempted robbery at a car stereo shop. The rapper’s security guards returned fire and inflicted a non-life threatening wound on the shoulder of a man named Antonio Stukes. The case eventually went to trial in 2016 when that man sued the rapper’s mother, Debra Antney, who owns businesses related to the rapper.

During the trial in 2016, a woman named Tonya Leshun Hall, 43, testified on behalf of Wocka Flocka’s mother. She claimed to have a degree in accounting from Emory University and also had the authority to analyze Antney’s finances and come to the conclusion that she did not have sufficient money to pay Stukes.

However, earlier this week Hall admitted she had never attended Emory and was not a certified public accountant. The federal judge in charge of the case ruled that Hall’s lie misled the court since it skewed the court’s ability to fully understand Antney’s finances and her ability to pay the money or not. As a result, Hall has been sentenced to six months in prison, The Charlotte Observer reports.

When the shooting occurred in 2011, Waka Flocka’s team deemed it an attempted robbery. However, the district attorney’s office dropped all charges when they could not find any evidence to support the rapper’s claim of robbery.

In 2012, Stukes won more than $500,000 in damages from Mizay Entertainment, the company that manages Waka Flocka. The man’s attorney claimed he is an aspiring rapper and he was simply approaching Waka Flocka to give him a demo mixtape when one of Waka Flocka’s security guards shot him in the shoulder.

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