During the promotional run for his new album, Pressure, Jeezy sat down with Everyday Struggle to discuss a range of topics, including the widespread criticism of new wave of rappers.

“It’s crazy because you’re critiquing some shit, where these kids are out here trying to figure their lives out. These are the same motherfuckers that’d be out here robbing your ass if they didn’t have a new album—the same people that’d be tearing up the communities and doing the real gangsta shit out here if they didn’t have their music out,” he said. “[…] I couldn’t sit here and critique nobody’s craft, because I don’t what’s going on with his mother, if she has health problems; I don’t know what’s going on with his kids […] I just know one thing: He figured out a way to get some money and get himself out of the street.”

Jeezy went on to speak about the respect he has for young rappers—not so much for their skills, but because they found a way to “make money without killing” someone. These statements caught the attention of former Flipmode Squad member Rah Digga. Though she agreed with Jeezy on some points, she doesn’t believe young rappers should be exempt from criticism.

Some Twitter users argued that hip-hop has evolved, and not all rap scenes are deeply rooted in lyricism. One follower wrote: 

Rah Digga acknowledged that many young bucks are using music to deal with serious life traumas, but reminded her followers that there are other outlets for self-expression. “Take pride in the ‘rapping’ if you're going to be a ‘rapper,’” she tweeted. “Everybody is expressing real life trauma in some capacity. Don't completely dismiss the importance of the lyrics tho...is all we sayin...”

That podcast wouldn't be a bad idea, Rah.

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