UPDATE 12/20/2017 12:18PM: Nelly's attorney has released a statement on Monique Green's new lawsuit. "It comes as no surprise that Ms. Green filed a lawsuit against Nelly seeking money after we announced our intention to hold her accountable. We always believed her accusation was motivated by greed. Nelly will answer and proceed with a counter suit against her for her outrageous unfounded allegations."

Original story below.

Nelly has been hit with a lawsuit alleging sexual assault and defamation. The suit was filed this week by the woman who accused Nelly of rape back in October, TMZ reported Wednesday. In court documents obtained by TMZ, Monique Greene says she was employed as a host at a club in Seattle, Washington where Nelly performed Oct. 6. That night, Greene was not on the clock. Following Nelly's performance, Greene alleges, she was drinking and "hanging out" with Nelly and his team. At some point, Greene was allegedly invited to Nelly's after-party.

Greene said she was then driven to a nearby Walmart parking lot where Nelly's tour bus was stationed. Once she made it to Nelly's bedroom in the back of the bus, Greene claims, he "started masturbating" before having nonconsensual sex with her "both orally and vaginally."

Greene says she tried to stop him by suggesting he put on a condom, but Nelly reported refused and "continued assaulting her" before having someone push her off the bus. Greene says Nelly then tossed a $100 bill at her and mocked her as she waited in the parking lot for an Uber. Greene then called 911, at which point cops arrived and interviewed both Greene and Nelly, ultimately arresting the singer. Greene adds that she was later taken to an undisclosed medical center to complete a rape kit.

The defamation portion of the new suit stems form Nelly and his team's efforts at what Greene has characterized as a smear campaign.

Last week, Nelly's attorney Scott Rosenblum told Billboard his client is planning to take legal action after suffering "very real damage" to his reputation. "A thorough investigation did show Nelly was a victim of deceitful allegation devoid of credibility," Rosenblum's statement claimed. "Credible evidence did show this accuser to be deceptive."

As previously reported, the original case against Nelly was dropped when the alleged victim declined to testify.