Thanks to the success of his hit song, "Gucci Gang," Lil Pump has spent the majority of 2017 touring all over the country. As a result, he’s raked in more money than the average 17-year-old can count and found creative ways to spend that money in the process.

One of the big-ticket items Pump purchased recently was an icy watch from Avianne & Co Jewelers in New York City. Complex was on hand when Pump stopped through the Avianne shop to check out a number of timepieces. He tried on a bunch of them, picked out the one he liked best, and then casually dropped a brick of cash on the counter to pay for it.

Pump’s race from internet love to real-world stardom has been intense this year, but he's clearly enjoying the fruits of his labor. Check out the video to see all the fun he had shopping for watches.