We have been patiently waiting for the collab project with Travis Scott and Quavo, and the wait may nearly be over. "All Files shipped off for Mixing," Quavo wrote on Twitter. 

Over the last few months, Quavo and Trav have been peppering us with updates, the most recent one showing Travis in the studio with Quavo as a snippet of a new track was being played in the background. The video includes a message urging fans to "be patient" because "it's comin'!!!!" 

Quavo has said in the past that they already have "like 20 records," and the release date of the project ultimately depends on their respective schedules lining up. "We've been making a whole bunch of records; we got a lot of records together right now, we've probably got like 20 records, we just need to get some time and just sort 'em out," he said.

With Migos' Culture 2 due out in January, and Trav still crafting Astroworld, there may be a small window in the meantime for these two to put the finishing touches on their collab project. Or, at least, one can hope.