Don't let Taylor Swift and Future's upcoming "End Game" distract you from the fact that Quavo and Travis Scott have an entirely Big Machine-free collab on the way. Their mysterious collab project has been teased with clips and quotes for nearly a year now, leaving many fans—myself included—perplexed as to when exactly we should expect an official release. This week, Quavo once again hinted that the release was imminent while teasing fans with yet another clip.

In a short video recording of a new track with Scott, Quavo urged fans to "be patient" because "it's comin'!!!!" Though patience isn't always a virtue, I'm going to take Quavo's word for it. Check out the clip below.

Back in September, we learned that Quavo and Trav had as many as "20 records" to sort through for the project. In an interview with Montreality, Quavo said the release simply depended on their schedules aligning. "We've been making a whole bunch of records; we got a lot of records together right now, we've probably got like 20 records, we just need to get some time and just sort 'em out," he said. He did not elaborate further.

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Quavo and La Flame are also tied up with their main gigs, with Migos' Culture II seemingly in the final stages and Trav's AstroWorld (and amusement park-esque tour) just now getting started. Quavo, presumably, is also busy putting in work on our new national anthem while campaigning for the new Lion King.

In a perfect world, Quavo and Trav would drop their untitled collab project tomorrow. Alas, we do not live in such a world. Whenever this project drops, however, you can be damn sure we'll do another one of these immediately.