Being tasked with providing live art in the middle of a sporting event is no easy feat. After all, there's only been one Prince. Still, even with the limitations of the halftime format firmly in mind, quite a few viewers of the Minnesota Vikings and Detroit Lions Thanksgiving game were left deeply perturbed by Jason Derulo's performance.

Viewers took issue with the admittedly awkward field rush, the choreography, the setlist, the sound, and seemingly damn near everything else about it. Most egregious of all, however, is the fact that the phrase "Talk turkey to me" did not once enter Derulo's (tragically 2 Chainzless) performance of "Talk Dirty."

Anyway, since we're all probably fully inebriated by now and awaiting a feast, why not pass the time by reading through a litany of tweets about Derulo's halftime debacle?

To see the full performance for yourself, check out the official (and annoyingly not embeddable) NFL upload here