It’s a common R&B show practice, the performer calling a member of the audience up from the crowd to dance for them. The performer, typically male, makes a big show of leading the fan, typically female, to some ideal part of the stage, where a chair or love seat waits, giving the illusion, both to the fan and audience, that they’re in a more intimate space and are witnessing an act the performer might sing about happening in real life. YouTube is a depository for clips of stars like Usher, Chris Brown, and Trey Songz hip thrusting and grinding their way through something between brolic lapdance and softcore Cinemax sex simulation. (Sample video title: Chris Brown Kisses Fan & Sucks On Her Knee On Stage In Detroit.) It’s not a new phenomenon—even Marvin Gaye began doing odd, audience-motivated strip teases during his shows near the end of his life. And it’s always sort of uncomfortable. What’s it like to make eye contact with Usher while he sings “Trading Places” at you while you “ride” him in front of an audience of thousands? The R&B lover man can leave no question as to his IRL prowess, but more often than not, these displays just feel extra.

A much more amusing and revealing alternative is watching Jacquees, Cash Money’s rising R&B bet, sing and sway for his label’s senior director of publicity, a kind, weary-looking older black woman, while she sits in an ugly upholstered office chair on a Tuesday morning in September. He’s playing selections from his debut album 4275, and singing along: “You know where your legs ‘posed to go,” except Vickie is more den mother than eager fan—the only place her legs are going today are pounding the pavement between various music outlets in New York, leading her diminutive charge through the press process. She raises a hand to her forehead in a theatrical pantomime of weariness and laughs at Jacquees dancing for her, like, Oh so you think you’re cute. He is, though.

Jacquees is 23 years old and you could fit him in your pocket. The way he sings, in his clear boyish tenor, about sex, love, and having fun, you want to put him in your pocket. In his size 8 Alexander McQueen sneakers he’s maybe 5’6”; you figure waking up in the morning he’s standing 5’5” in one sock. His smile’s megawatt, an advertisement for dental care and positivity, and the dreads he’s been patiently growing the past 12 years hang down well past his clavicles. He claims that he still smells like Hennessy from the night before, but that’s just charm; obviously he’s fresh. After all, his Avant-sampling single “B.E.D.” just went gold and he bought a mansion in his hometown of Atlanta in August, a fact the Shade Room documented as one of its #TSRPositiveImages. I dare you to watch it and not feel motivated to go get it after Quee pulls up in the tangerine Lamb.