Chance the Rapper has been a fan favorite of the SNL cast after debuting on the sketch comedy show in 2015. After performing “Sunday Candy” and “Somewhere in Paradise,” Chance returned in 2016 to play Coloring Book songs “Same Drugs” and “Finish Line/Drown.” This time, Chance isn’t the musical guest, but he’s hosting for the first time tonight, which should be pretty exciting.

During his promo run leading up to the episode, Chance has told his fans on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that he wrote five sketches and even got some help with Donald Glover. So if all goes well, we might be seeing some sketches that Chance wrote on the final cut of the episode.

In previews for this week’s SNL, Chance, Eminem, and Leslie Jones cut funny clips about their upcoming episode. The first clip features Jones challenging Eminem to a rap battle, where Em admits that Jones would win. After that, Jones makes a joke that she had a dream Em and Chance were knitting together.

The trio also joke about Chance’s possible name change. Em knows people see him as “the rapper” that prompted him and Jones to brainstorm new names for Chance. A possible winner: Chancer the Dancer.

In his monologue, Chance delivered. He talked about how there are no good Thanksgiving themed songs, so he decided to sing one about dysfunctional families. We can all relate. Check it out above.