Remember when we kindly informed you that people were pissed about a Future and Taylor Swift collab that wasn't even out yet? Good times. This article will be almost exactly like that one, but with a different pair of anger-inducing collaborators.

Ed Sheeran announced Thursday that a remix of his Divide single "Perfect," which somehow isn't a cover of that Simple Plan banger, was indeed imminent. The new "Perfect" is set to feature the one and only Beyoncé. Here's the proof:

Apparently, merely the thought of these two appearing anywhere near the same track was enough to inspire some people to arguably waste upwards of 280 characters:

Others are making the best of it:

For those with a reasonably solid memory, the mildly controversial duet shouldn't come as a total surprise. Back in 2015, Beyoncé and Sheeran performed together at the Grammys' Stevie Wonder tribute. The two also cruised through a rendition of "Drunk in Love" at that year's Global Citizen Festival


"Perfect" follows Beyoncé appearances on DJ Khaled's "Shining," Eminem's "Walk on Water," and the J Balvin and Willy William collab "Mi Gente." I'm not mad at any of those tracks.