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Tyrese may have found a much-needed distraction from his one-sided feud The Rock.

On Tuesday afternoon, the multi-hyphenate went on Instagram to announce he was reviving his Black-Ty alter ego for an upcoming rap album. Tyrese said the game-changing project will be titled Identity Theft and will take cues from some of the biggest names in hip-hop history.

"[…] Jay’s spirit, PAC’s Soul and Sonically Dre’s Ears," he captioned with a photo of him, Jay Z and RCA Records’ Mark Pitts. "I know your first instincts is to say GTFOH put me in the (Singer and Actor box and throw away the key)...but you will see folks very very soon that this rap album is far from play play."

The Fast and the Furious actor later previewed a track that will presumably land on Identity Theft. He wrote: "BlackTy feat Future this is an early reference #GhostWriter when will I drop - no one knows...... I will be pressing play at the #RocNation offices soon."

Though Tyrese didn’t reveal any more details about the upcoming album, the main question everyone seems to be asking is "Why?" 2015’s Black Rose was supposed to be his swan-song album and his last "gift" to his die-hard music fans. Do we really need another Tyrese project? And does anyone really believe the album will "change hip-hop," as Tyrese claims it will?

Social media doesn’t seem to be buying it.