Jordan Ullman is trying to cover his black eye. He’s sinking in a chair in the middle of the kitchen in his new bungalow in Harwood, a working class neighborhood in Toronto. He just got the keys yesterday, so the room is still bare. There’s only a roll of tissue paper on the counter top. The chairs were borrowed from a neighbor.

“I haven’t been punched in a long time,” he says on an unseasonably warm September afternoon. He chuckles as a makeup artist slowly and gently dabs concealer on the purple bruise around his right eye. He won’t go into too much detail about the incident, but the gist: About a week ago, he got into an argument with a motorcyclist. Before he knew it, the guy dismounted from his bike and threw a jab right at his face. “I was like, ‘I have a shoot in a few days. What am I going to do?’” says Ullman. I guess the biker had no idea who he was.

Sporting new, striking cobalt blue spiky hair—a far cry from the near-bowl cuts the pair is known for—Ullman isn’t exactly a total stranger. Together, the producer and singer Majid Al Maskati make up the Canadian dance-pop duo Majid Jordan. In 2013, they signed to Drake’s OVO Sound label and were introduced to the world through “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” one of Drake’s most recognizable hits, which they co-wrote, demoed, and are featured on. Within a year, they released an EP, A Place Like This, and co-wrote “Mine,” from Beyoncé’s surprise self-titled record, with Drake and producer Noah “40” Shebib. In 2016, they dropped their self-titled debut album.

Despite the meteoric rise (and world tours), Ullman, 24, and Al Maskati, 27, aren’t superstars yet. They’re famous in the way that, as Al Maskati describes it, people in their hometown might do a double take if they walk past them or give them a nod from a distance. Or the way street vendors in faraway countries like Singapore sell iPhone cases with the cover art for A Place Like This printed on them, but have no clue who Majid Jordan is. They’re public figures, but not well known enough that, say, a random biker would think twice about giving one of them a black eye.