On an otherwise dreary and discouraging Monday, Shad Moss—a.k.a. accomplished rapper/actor/performance artist Bow Wow—delivered his latest act of "scientific method"-assisted social media breakage. Bow Wow shared a clearly edited image of Death Row artists with the caption, "Where it all started," placing a vintage photo of himself among 2Pac, Snoop Dogg, and other giants of the label.

In subsequent tweets, Bow Wow said the Photoshopped image was sent to him by fan. He also claimed that he was signed to Death Row when he was six years old, but that is apparently not accurate. A full day later, Bow Wow's tweet has inspired a relaunch of the #BowWowChallenge.

Photo Removed

This time around, people are putting their hasty photo editing skills to hilariously good use by adding themselves into the Death Row roster picture and/or tossing Bow Wow into other historical moments:

In all fairness, Andy Kaufman—shown in one of the tweets above as part of a Taxi cast photo—probably would have been a huge fan of Bow Wow's assumed performance art.

As a reminder, Bow Wow has suggested his previous social media mini-controversies—including that private jet 'gram—are just calculated promotional efforts benefiting his TV presence. "They really don't understand the scientific method to my madness," he said on Ebro in the Morning earlier this year.

So the joke's on everyone.