This week, "Complex Live" joins Migos' Offset in Atlanta, where he's teaming with the American Cancer Society to raise money to fight the disease. The rapper lost his grandmother to cancer in 2012, and wants to raise awareness and money to help underserved communities. In addition to host Speedy Mormon, Atlanta Falcons star Julio Jones and Atlanta Hawks first round pick John Collins were also on hand to show support.

Then, we head to Queens, where Ralph McDaniels, founder and former host of the renowned "Video Music Box," walks us through how he's working with the Queens library to archive hip-hop history. We also talk with J Lee, one of the stars of FOX's new show, "The Orville." The actor tells Pierce Simpson how he rose from his job as a receptionist to an onscreen star. Plus, producer Tuo Clark from Da Internz and drummer Tony Royster Jr. explain how they balance artistry and business.

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This Week's Episode by the Minute:

  • Bowling with Offset: 1:30
  • Ralph McDaniels: 4:40
  • J Lee: 10:00
  • Tuo Clark and Tony Royster Jr.: 14:30