Dallas-area rapper Taymor "Tay-K" McIntyre, best known for making his hit song "The Race"—about being on the run from the law—while he was actually on the run from the law, had a development in his ongoing legal case Wednesday. 

Tay-K, 17, who is charged with capital murder for a 2016 home invasion, and is suspected in several other violent cases, was in court to determine whether he would be tried as an adult on the murder charge, despite the fact that he was 16 when the incident took place. 

The hearing did not work out in the rapper's favor. The judge ruled that Tay-K will be tried as an adult. One of the rapper's lawyers, M. Trent Loftin, issued a statement. 

"The judge ruled that his case should [b]e moved to the adult court based on his age (and the fact that the juvenile court will lack jurisdiction soon)," it read. "The judge was very clear to tell Mr. McIntyre on the record that this decision has no bearing whatsoever of his guilt/innocence in this case... Mr. McIntyre remains upbeat after this hearing."

In addition to Loftin, Tay-K is also represented by entertainment lawyer James McMillan. According to the New York Times, McMillan "is in discussion with record labels and music publishers whose backing could potentially help with legal fees."

The rapper was scheduled to appear in court on Thursday as well, but that date was postponed.