With Soundtrack To My Life, what we hope for is to see the direct lineage from those records your parents played when you were little, right through the teenage years to the present day. This editionfor which we invited 1Xtra DJ and Studio Bounce host Jamz Supernova to run through the ten tracks that plot her musical historyit's cool to see those records from Jamz Supernova's childhood still influencing her playlists today.

As you'd expect, given her show on BBC 1Xtra, her selection for us mostly draws from the worlds of rap and R&B, but there are still some surprise picks; rockers Linkin Park, for examplealthough it does represent a moment in time when everyone of a certain age was fighting the man with nu-metal and super baggy hoodies. From her uncle's Bob Marley records and her auntie's Mariah Carey CD, right through to an early J. Cole cut and the Boy In Da Corner, Dizzee Rascal, Jamz knows good music when she hears it.