On Wednesday night, a random man rushed the stage during Britney Spears’ Piece of Me show in Las Vegas. Spears was in the middle of performing "(You Drive Me) Crazy" when a man ran onto the stage and was almost immediately tackled by a team of security guards. 

The incident was caught on video by many fans and from many different angles. Although details are still a bit unclear, it seems that the stage intruder did a front flip (interrupting a concert is not cool but we have to admit a front flip onto the stage is pretty impressive) and began heading towards Britney’s backup dancers. A security guard emerged from backstage to stop him, and he appeared ready to fight back. That’s when more security guards and some backup dancers jumped in to help, forming a large swarm of people onstage. It looked pretty threatening but luckily nobody was injured.

In a rather ironic twist, Spears didn’t notice what was happening at first and can be heard asking the crowd, "Are you guys having fun!?" But she soon caught up when three security guards rushed to her side. She finally saw the commotion on the side of the stage and asked, looking visibly concerned, "Is everything OK? What's going on?" According to one fan who posted a video to Instagram, Britney was worried that the intruder could have a gun. 

More videos show the party pooper being handcuffed and taken offstage as the crowd shouts "Asshole! Asshole!" Britney did eventually return to the stage to finish out her set.