In July, a video surfaced of ASAP Mob member and VLONE designer ASAP Bari allegedly sexually harassing a woman. Bari caught a lot of hell for this (deservedly), with ASAP Rocky calling him a "bitch" during a live performance and Playboi Carti calling Bari out as well. Since the fallout, Nike has ended its relationship with Bari, but the question many people wondered was if Bari would ever be removed from ASAP Mob entirely.

During Ferg's stop at the Breakfast Club to promote his recently-released album mixtape Still Striving, Ferg told the crew that Bari is "still a part of ASAP Mob, but we had to kinda sit him down for a second. We don't condone that kind of behavior."

Ferg, who previously touched on the Bari issue with Hot 97 in late July, later made it plain: "It's fucked up, it's a fucked up thing. I don't condone that shit."

When asked about Rocky calling Bari a "bitch" on stage, Ferg said Bari "had it coming to him. It's a bitch move."

Later in the interview, Angela Yee asked Ferg if there was any talk about Bari being removed from the ASAP Mob, or if it was hard to have someone with those allegations being a part of the crew. "Definitely," Ferg said, "because he's not the known face, it's me, it's Rocky, it's Twelvyy​, all the rappers, and whenever they showed that video, or spoke about it on YouTube, it was 'Shabba Ranks' b-roll."

Ferg did say he's yet to receive any residual flack from being associated with Bari, but admitted it was "just a bad reflection on all of us."

They didn't just talk only Bari on this segment, though. Ferg, who recently did an episode of Everyday Struggle, gave some insight on why Still Striving is considered a mixtape instead of an album. "The only difference," Ferg began, "is more artistic freedom. An album is so serious." Later, he took it a step further: "This mixtape, basically, was like an open-door policy. I had all my friends come, and we just made music and had fun with it. It was like not so serious, we just wanted an excuse to party on a song."

Ferg gets into much more during this 29-minute interview, from working with Dave East on "Olympian​" to an indie movie he worked on. Check out the full interview up above, with the Bari talk at the 7:10 mark.