Here we go again. Just one week after a single Instagram post from Drake sparked a round of fun but ridiculous Take Care 2 speculation, another Instagram post has some fans convinced that a new track is incoming. Before we go any further, let's clear it up: no, this is not a new Drake song.

Sunday, professional boxer Gervonta Davis shared video of a late-night jog with Drake that was soundtracked by a 60-second clip of, well, something.

The clip has sparked division among fans on Twitter and the KanyeToThe forum, with some seemingly 1000 percent convinced that it's Drake on the track. Others, however, have pointed to the multitude of signs that suggest otherwise. For one, there's a line here about "still" trying to get on the Billboard charts. Given that this is Drake we're talking about, that doesn't really add up.

Some have speculated that maybe Drake is trading lines with another unnamed (in this clip, at least) artist, but—in all fairness—none of what we've heard so far really sounds enough like Drake to actually say it's Drake.

A name that's been mentioned in tweets and forum comments is Marr Grey, an artist from Davis' hometown of Baltimore.

Grey's SoundCloud page is currently empty, but a track called "LA" is available on YouTube:

Grey told Complex via an Instagram DM that he's on the track seen in the widely circulated Instagram post. According to Grey, he and Drake share producers. Grey is also friends with Davis. Additional info was not provided. Drake also appears in Grey's Instagram story, shown at the club with Davis.

The track samples Peverelist's "Roll With the Punches."

A Majid Jordan-tweaked version of "Roll With the Punches" was previously featured on an episode of OVO Sound Radio. The track comes in at around the 24:52 mark.