Sequels are rarely a good idea. Still, that hasn't stopped nostalgic Drake fans from pointing to a single Instagram post as a sign that a sequel to one of the OVO Sound co-founder's most beloved albums is in the works.

Late Monday night, Drake shared the Instagram post at the top of this page—the one you're probably staring at right now and thinking, wow, that's it?—with the caption "Scuzzi." The post immediately drew comparisons to the cover of Drake's 2011 sophomore album Take Care, leading some to jump (with no hesitation whatsoever) to the conclusion that a Take Care 2 was being teased.

For comparison's sake, here's the cover of the original Take Care:

Image via OVO

In Monday's Instagram post, there are quite a few differences. Drake's hand placement, for one, isn't the same. The Instagram post is also missing the prominently featured Take Care candle and a number of other items on the table, including the goblet. Fans, however, have pointed to the overall tone of the photo (and Drake's hair) as plenty of reason to get nostalgically stoked, like so:


Also, to be fair, Drake has given us both Views and More Life within the span of 11 months. Relax, enjoy those albums, and let Take Care live in peace.