Fresh off the release of his fourth studio album Flower Boy, Tyler, the Creator made his debut appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Monday night.

The 26-year-old artist took the stage to perform "911." Frank Ocean didn't make a surprise appearance, but Steve Lacys joined Tyler on the show to sing the song's hook:

The two were also joined on stage by a bunch of fans as well as a gigantic illuminated bee that stole the show:

You can check out Tyler's "911" performance in the clip above.

In addition to being the musical guest on Colbert , Tyler also sat down with Stephen Colbert during the show—while wearing boxers and complaining about the cold temperatures in the studio—to discuss everything from his battle with asthma to his "jewelry idol" Elizabeth Taylor. In an odd moment, while embracing Colbert, Tyler also grabbed the late night host's butt:

You can check out Tyler's interview with Colbert here:

Flower Boy is available now on iTunes and can be streamed on Apple Music.