The video for Steve Aoki's "Night Call" featuring Migos and Lil Yachty has arrived. The song is the second single off of Aoki's recently released fourth studio album Kolony to be turned into a music video. It previously debuted this past May at the ​Austin date of the JMBLYA festival.

"Night Call" was shot in Atlanta, in the Dim Mak Manor, which is named after the independent record label that Aoki founded. It also happens to be the same location where Aoki's previous single, "Without U," was shot, albeit in a different room. On that note, each video Aoki plans to release from Kolony will take place in a room in the Dim Mak Manor that the DJ-producer feels corresponds with each particular song.

In addition to last Friday's album release, Aoki also introduced the Kolony Collection merchandise line, which aligns with his pre-existing streetwear collection named (unsurprisingly) the Dim Mak Collection.

Anyway, check it out above.