As soon as E.M.M.A started dropping her unusual brand of Elizabethan, grime-inspired club tracks, we were interested. An as-yet-unreleased "Mindmaze" a few years ago set the tone for a producer with a sense of humour as well as individuality. Her Blue Gardens album showed us once and for all that E.M.M.A was in a lane all of her own. With constant radio and live appearances quickly following, we didn't get a lot of new music from her in the years that followed. Four years after Blue Gardens, however, and she's got a brand new EP (LA Mermaid) dropping at the end of the week.

One of the EP's highlights is "Pyramids", a track that shows off her knack for arpeggiated synths once more, but they've taken on a different form this time round. The bouncy, colourful melodies of past releases have been swapped for A Clockwork Orange-esque synths and Hitchcockian levels of tension — and they're somehow no less club-ready. As ever, "Pyramids" is a sound that's entirely her own. 

E.M.M.A's LA Mermaid EP drops July 14 via The Astral Plane. Pre-order here.