Nardwuar the Human Serviette is a master when it comes to taking artists down memory lane in interviews, and his latest with Partynextdoor is no different.

Those who follow Party know he's a pretty reserved individual outside of music and rarely does interviews, but the 24-year-old artist opened up on several topics, including his first-ever encounter with label boss Drake. "First time I met Drake was 2012 at a studio in Toronto," he said. 

Nardwuar pressed PND more about how he joined OVO Sound, and brought up the name of Toronto producer Jordan Evans. "He was an old producer of mine, of a lot of old music that never got released," Party explained. "He got my music to Boi-1da, then it was Oliver [El-Khatib], and then Drake." 

This sequence of events is backed up by Boi-1da, who in 2013 told Vibe: "[Partynextdoor] was introduced to me by a producer friend named Jordan Evans."

In Partynextdoor's 2015 cover story with Fader, Oliver broke down his side of the connection, which involved Boi-1da sending him songs. "He kept sending me more, and I started to get really into it and playing it for 40 and for the boy."

To PND's surprise, Nardwuar took it back to the artist's days as Jahron B by referencing his song "Monica Follow Me Back."

Partynextdoor also confirmed he's signed producers G. Ry and Murda Beatz, and said he's working on getting Bizness Boi signed as well.

Of course, Nardwuar showered Party with a few musical gifts, including vinyl of Jodeci, as well as Divine Brown's "Twist My Hair (Remix)" that features vocals from Drake before he was the massive superstar we know him as now. Check out the full interview above and the Drake/OVO talk at the 11:45 mark.