"Jay Z: call me, bro. You still ain't called me." Those are infamous words spoken by Kanye West during his Life of Pablo Tour, and they open up the trailer for an upcoming documentary titled Public Enemies: Jay-Z and Kanye. Set to premiere next Monday, July 31 on Channel 4 in the U.K., the doc will examine the complex relationship between two of the biggest rappers in the game. Channel 4's description promises unseen footage and exclusive interviews, and a detailed look at Jay and 'Ye's "spectacular rise, their creative partnership and their colossal falling out." 

Appropriately, Kanye and Jay's "No Church in the Wild" is the background music for the clip, hearkening back to the good ol' days when the two were dominating together with their 2011 collaborative album Watch the Throne.

The release of the documentary couldn't be better timed. Relations between the rap megastars have been tense as of late. Last month, Jay released 4:44, which featured several songs that contained subliminal shots at Yeezy. Shortly after, word leaked that Kanye had cut ties with Jay's music streaming service Tidal over a $3 million dispute. On top of that, there are whispers that the two fell out because of Kim Kardashian and Jay's belief that 'Ye is forcing the socialite on him and his wife Beyoncé. And then there's the recent news that Kanye may be coming for Hov's neck on his next album

In an interview with Complex, frequent 'Ye and Jay collaborator Mr. Hudson addressed the brewing feud. "It's tricky for me to speak on that stuff," he said when asked about their relationship. "I think that they're like brothers, right. Since 'Big Brother.' Those guys, they've been working together for 20 years so I'm sure it's all good. You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs. That sounds really deep but it also kind of sums up what I'm talking about. I haven't spoken to either of them recently so it's all good. I can't speak on it, you know what I mean? I'm kind of busy running around doing my own thing as well so we're not at brunch saying 'Oh my God, what did he say?' It's not like that. It'd be boring if everyone was just playing happy families all the time."

Whether Mr. Hudson is on point here or not, I'd advise you to get your popcorn for the documentary.