Boosie Badazz Took Offense to One of the Lyrics on Jay Z's '4:44'

Boosie Badazz says he's not going to adhere to one of the lyrics from Jay Z's new album, '4:44.'

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Jay Z didn't hold back on his new album, 4:44, airing his grievances with half of the rap game and confessing to being a shaky family man at best. But it was pretty apparent when he was talking about specific people, as his subliminals from the album were hardly subliminal at all.

Still, that hasn't stopped some rappers from getting worked up over lyrics they feel are targeted at them, and Boosie Badazz appears to have taken issue with a line Jay Z dropped on 4:44's second track, "The Story of O.J." On the song, Jay flaunts the type of money he has access to by mocking rappers who hold up money to their ear on Instagram. "Y'all on the 'gram holdin' money to your ear," Jay raps on the song. "There's a disconnect, we don't call that money over here."

Boosie didn't seem to appreciate or feel like adhering to the message. "I don't know about y'all, but he doesn't tell me what to do," Boosie said on Instagram on Sunday. "In Louisiana, that's just like a trend, shit won't stop in Louisiana...Everybody don't have bank accounts. Everybody don't know about assets. Everybody don't come up, everybody not business-minded like that."

That doesn't seem like the best argument against flexing for the 'gram. Even if there are legitimate reasons to not have your money going through a financial planner, you don't need to advertise how much you have to every person following you on social media. Money breeds envy, and if you're going to advertise how much cash you're walking around with, there are obvious repercussions attached to the stunt.

Although the Louisiana native said he respects Jay's power and ability to impact change in the rap game, Boosie claimed nothing is going to change about his style because of what Jay Z has to say about it.

"In Louisiana, his words don't fly," he said . "And I'll say that to Jay Z, I'll say that to anybody...People can keep on going to social media, under my DMs, saying if you're trying to get Jay Z money, you shouldn't put stacks to your ear. Jay Z don't tell me what to do."

Based on what he had to say, it doesn't seem like either artist is concerned about how the other man thinks you should handle your business. You can see the full rant from Boosie up top. 

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