Jay Z fired off a number of subliminal shots throughout his latest album 4:44, but few jabs were as straight-forward as the ones directed at Prince’s former attorney and estate advisor L. Londell McMillan on the track "Caught Their Eyes." "I sat down with Prince, eye to eye. He told me his wishes before he died," he raps. "Now, Londell McMillan, he must be color blind. They only see green from them purple eyes." Jay also took aim at how Prince's estate Paisley Park, has been handled since his death. “This guy had ‘slave’ on his face. You think he wanted the masters with his masters?," he rhymes. "You greedy bastards sold tickets to walk through his house. I’m surprised you ain’t auction off the casket.” 

Back in November, Prince's estate filed a lawsuit against Jay Z's company Roc Nation and streaming service Tidal for copyright infringement. Given McMillan's attachment to the singer's estate, his name remains at the center of their legal dispute. On Friday, McMillan responded to the song on Twitter. 

Yes, I heard the track! Not focusing on a diss track now. Focused on not letting WBR control masters. I do like the beat. #Emancipation2

— L Londell McMillan (@LondellMcMillan) June 30, 2017

McMillan also provided a brief statement for Billboard. "I like the beat, but I wonder who he thinks helped Prince to take 'slave' off of his face," he said. "It was a homie Jay Z grew up with in the same neighborhood, Londell McMillan." The "slave" remark is in reference to the '90s, when Prince would make public appearances with the word written on his face as his way of expressing his discontent towards the terms of his contract with Warner Music Group. McMillan was working with the singer at that time.

Let's be real : when @LondellMcMillan negotiated Prince's freedom from Warner Bros in 1996, Jay-Z hadn't even released his debut album.

— Casey Rain / S-Endz (@CaseyRain) June 30, 2017