Five years after its initial release date, 50 Cent’s Street King Immortal album is expected to arrive later this year. But it’s safe to assume most fans aren’t holding their breath.

The 42-year-old rapper shared the news during a recent appearance on Access Hollywood, where he also discussed his Starz original series Power as well as his critique of Jay Z’s 4:44.

In case you missed it: 50 made headlines earlier this month when he referred to Hov’s project as “golf course music”; however, the rapper told Access Hollywood he didn’t think the platinum album was bad—it was just too smart. 50 suggested his upcoming Street King Immortal project would go the opposite direction of 4:44—something more “melody-driven” and “dumbed down” for the culture.

He explains himself at the 3:20-minute mark. 

“I have an album that I’ve been waiting to put out,” he said before bringing up Jay’s project. “I said [4:44] was good, I just said it was too smart. I think you do got to kind of dumb down the material to fit into what the culture is producing. Now, it’s more melody-driven; it’s not as sophisticated as it was when I first came in.”

He then said the album will drop at the end of the year, and will deliver music that doesn’t require too much thinking.

“It won’t be as smart as the Jay Z record,” he said at the 3:55 mark. “I want to make music that people can have fun to, so you don’t have to stop. You can get it immediately without having to sit and analyze it.”

Street King Immortal was scheduled to drop in 2012, but has experienced a number of pushbacks since then. The song “New Day” with Dr. Dre and Alicia Keys was said to be the first single off the long-awaited project; however, it was later announced that 2015’s Get Low” featuring Jeremih, 2 Chainz, and T.I. would serve as the official lead single.

So, will the previously released tracks make the final cut after all these years? Will Street King Immortal be 50’s farewell album? Will we get a release date in the near future? And what’s going on with his Kanan Reloaded mixtape?

Fans have a lot of questions, but it seems they’ll have to keep on waiting for now. 

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