Rob Stone has finally shared his side of the story about his beef with XXXTentacion and Ski Mask the Slump God—a beef that culminated in XXXTentacion getting attacked at a show in Stone's hometown of San Diego. In addition, Stone continued to fan the flames by releasing a diss track aimed at XXXTentacion called "xxxtracredit."

In a new interview with Los Angeles radio station Real 92.3, which you can see above, Stone confirmed that the tension started as had previously been reported—that, while they were on tour with Desiigner, Ski Mask the Slump God both got on stage with Stone unannounced and unwanted, and also showed up late to a performance in Stone's hometown of San Diego in what the "Chill Bill" rapper viewed as an attempt to knock him off the bill. 

"The very first show, he runs out on my set and started mocking me," Stone remembered. A few shows later in San Diego, Ski Mask's late arrival delayed the entire show and cut into Stone's stage time. 

"He wanna act like a diva, he don't wanna show up on time, he wants to take my slot," Stone explained. "How you gonna come to my city and do that? Why you wanna come to my home and do this?"

During Ski Mask's set that night, he got run offstage by the audience. That was followed by an incident in Los Angeles where Ski Mask was jumped while onstage. Accorording to Stone, things didn't have to go that way. 

"I tried to take the mic from him, and it just went the way it did," he said. "It wouldn't have gone down like that, but he was scared to come to the green room [and talk to me]."

Stone said he and Ski Mask were actually on their way to privately resolving their differences, until Ski Mask's friend XXXTentacion got involved and began "taunting" Stone, releasing the rapper's cell number, address and pictures of his infant son.

Stone claims that XXXTentacion DM'd him the date and location of the now-infamous San Diego show even before it was publicly announced. 

"When all of it popped off with me and Ski Mask, he DM'd [the show info] to me like, 'See you there,'" Stone recalled. "He was taunting me the whole time." 

As to who actually attacked XXXTentacion at that show—and who got stabbed in the aftermath—Stone told the interviewers that he had no idea. He said he wasn't even there ("I was watching the Finals, like most people," he cracked). 

"It was a San Diego thing," he said of the attack. "It was bigger than Rob Stone. It's a city pride thing."

If his feelings about XXXTentacion weren't clear enough in the interview, Stone made them known on "xxxtracredit." The song warns XXXTentacion to avoid Cali entirely, and mocks him for allegedly beating his pregnant girlfriend last year. 

"Okay now let me get this right—you beat a pregnant woman?" he raps. "My nigga, who can rock with that? You need a lesson for it"

You can listen to "xxxtracredit," produced by Zaytoven, below.