Melbourne producer and vocalist Yeo has been locked in at the studio working hard on his next full-length project Desire Path, and the flood has begun as he starts to drip-feed us singles every fortnight until it drops. The first few included "Never Wanted That" with Asta, and a solo cut called "Amy", and now we've finally been blessed with this slick collaboration with fellow Melbourne singer Kira Puru titled "Three Dots".
YEO has tried to capture the spirit of creeping in the late night, saying that the song is about when "it's 3am and you've spent too long on your phone stalking and sliding like a sleazebag". The guilty pleasure subject matter is contrasted against cloudy pads, skittering percussion, and bouncing bass that deftly intertwines to form a track that's bursting with understated energy.

With Desire Path dropping on August 18 and an accompanying national tour set to be announced, there's some very big things on the horizon for Yeo in the next few months. In the meantime, check out the track for yourself above.