If the testimony of Detroit rapper Tee Grizzley means anything, it's that an endorsement from LeBron James can skyrocket the popularity of any song he's captured listening to. Case in point? Just a week ago Tee told TMZ that sales of his song "First Day Out" had tripled after it was heard in the background of a LeBron Instagram post. Then, to provide palpable evidence of his success, he busted out a wad of $80,000 cash at the airport.

Jay Z's 4:44 didn't need a plug from LeBron to go viral and be listened to by millions of people, as well as dominate whatever other metric that need to be dominated to prove that it was (or will be) a hit. After all, he's Jay Z. People are going to want to listen to whatever he puts out. But, nevertheless, LeBron posted multiple references to the new album because posting rap references is one of the more consistent things he does via social media. Like many, many other early reactions, he heaped praise upon the newest Jay Z offering, which he called "a testimony":

He also gave a shout-out to Kendrick Lamar after Lamar referred to Jay Z as an all caps "master teacher":

Seems like as good a reason as any sign up for Sprint/Tidal. And, if you're still not moved to make that particular purchase, it sounds like all you got to do is wait a week.