If you follow LeBron James on Instagram, you may have recently come across him rapping to Drake's More Life for a story. That was kind of cool, but also weird, you may have thought. However, for those seasoned LeBron following vets out there, you know this is nothing new. He has frequently belted out raps, which is both somewhat charming, and also somewhat uncomfortable.

This is the LeBron you get when there isn't a publicist around him telling an interviewer what is and isn't OK to ask. Or an image consultant advising him on what to do to make his brand as large as possible.

That includes the time he semi-rapped about his hairline along with Tory Lanez:

Or the time he rapped to Fabolous' "The Bad Guys" for Thanksgiving, we guess:

LeBron also showed love to Sacramento rapper Brotha Lynch Hung, which is one of the few times anybody on the history of the planet has written about Sacramento and LeBron in the same sentence:

Here he is rapping along with Ohio's very own Jerreau:

Here he is vibing out to Kendrick Lamar's "The Heart Part 4," which isn't too surprising, considering this past footage:

And, finally, here he is getting down to Future:

If you're unsure what to make of this (besides that his taste in music is pretty good), join the club.