It was apparent to close observers that when Sprint invested $200 million in Tidal, it was going to want something big in return. We're now beginning to get an idea of what that is—a new Jay Z project.

A source tells Complex that Jay's new 4:44 project is only available to people who sign up for the streaming service BEFORE the album drops—which is happening at midnight ET. To hear it afterwards, you'll need to sign up for Sprint.

Tidal announced the arrangement via Twitter on Thursday night.

Since the Tidal/Sprint deal was announced, the cornerstone of the announced strategy has been to offer what Sprint calls "exclusive content and entertainment experiences" to customers. A new project from perhaps the most well-known rapper on the planet—who not coincidentally is a co-owner of Tidal—certainly fits that bill.

Hours before the release, Tidal revealed that the album would contain ten songs. At least, we're pretty sure that's what this means.