It's been over two years since Denmark-born, L.A.-based artist Galimatias released Urban Flora, his superb collaborative project with Alina Baraz. Back in January, Baraz released her first post-Urban Flora single, and now Galimatias reemerges with his own solo track "Let Me Know."

"I haven't released anything for two years but that didn't mean I stopped making music," he told Complex via email. "I tuned out from social media for a year as well and people started sending me messages asking if I was still alive. I'm definitely not dead, but I don't ever want to create the same sound twice, and it took a good while for me to figure out what I wanted to do after Urban Flora."

In that time, Galimatias chose to pursue a sound that was wholly his own while delivering the quality he's known for. "I have a lot of criteria for myself when I make music, and creating something that hasn't been heard before is definitely one of the highest ranking ones," he added. "With these next tracks, I'm really trying to further develop my own sound. I want to push the boundaries in all directions but it generally falls somewhere in between hip-hop, R&B, and electronic music."

Galimatias broke down how "Let Me Know" in particular came about. "I've started working a lot more with my own voice, and its been a very driving factor for my inspiration. Not necessarily just to create a lyrical narrative through my music but also to create new sounds. The human voice is truly the most versatile instrument and there's so much room to explore in terms of sound design. In 'Let Me Know' for example, everything up until the chorus except the bass is actually my voice. I did a bunch of different recordings; beatboxing through vocoders while playing chords on keys. Then pieced it all together for what became the foundation of the track."

Stream "Let Me Know" below and grab the song when it hits digital retailers Friday (June 16).