Death From Above 1979 has re-emerged with a brand new single and a not-so-different name change. Canadian rockers Sebastian Grainger and Jesse Keeler will be dropping the “-1979,” suffix from the band name, and will officially be known as Death From Above.

The Toronto band began posting videos on their Instagram page on Monday, with the caption “6.9.17,” which was supposed to be the proper release of their new single. On June 6th, however, the band premiered their single “Freeze Me,” on MistaJam’s BBC Radio 1 show. 

While DFA has not confirmed the release of a new album just yet, they reaffirmed that it will not be another 10 years before their next LP release. The band’s last album release was The Physical World in 2014, which came 10 years after their first full-length album, You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine, in 2004.

As for the name change, the band has not confirmed why they are returning to their original name, but are maintaining their ‘DFA 1979’ title on their social media pages. Death From Above was forced to add the numerical suffix to their band name in 2004, after being issued a cease and desist by James Murphy’s label Death From Above Records. 

Death From Above will be performing all over Canada this summer, including sets at RBC Ottawa Blues Fest in Ottawa, Wayhome Music and Arts Festival in Toronto and Osheaga Festival Musique Et Arts in Montreal.