Chris Brown and Ray J just dropped a collaborative mixtape called Burn My Name. It was an unexpected release that set off a series of questions, like: “Really?” “How?” “Why? “In 2017?”

Though it may seem like an unlikely pairing, it isn’t as random as many might think. The two artists have worked together on a number of previously released songs, some of which have made their way onto the new mixtape. There’s “Famous,” Ray J’s response to the Kanye West’s “Famous” video, as well as “Cherry Red,” “Already Love Her,” and “New Gang” from Brown’s 2016 Attack the Block project with OHB & Section Boyz.

But their interaction isn’t strictly reserved for the studio. Ray J seems to be one of Brown’s really good friends, and even publicly defended the singer following his 2016 arrest.

For those who don’t remember: Brown was taken into custody after allegedly threatening former Miss California contestant Baylee Curran with a deadly weapon. Ray J was reportedly present during the incident, which took place at Brown’s Tarzana, California, home.

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight, Ray J said he didn’t think Brown should’ve been arrested and urged the media to find out all the “facts” before telling the story.

Chris is my homie and I just can't let people just have this full pile of negativity going on with his name, Ray J said. “It hurts my feelings that you work so hard to try to get better, and a small little lint of a story that you don't even know is even real or not can affect you this much without even getting the facts," he continues. That's not how the system is supposed to work. That's not what we vote for.

With their history in mind, it’s not too surprising that Chris and Ray J decided to drop a joint mixtape. It’s also important to note that they each have a project on the way: Chris is gearing up to release his eight studio album Heartbreak on a Full Moon, while Ray J is working on Raydemption.

While fans wait for the upcoming releases, they can listen to the Burn My Name mixtape below.