While Chris Brown was busy posting $250,000 bail after getting arrested for alleged assault with a deadly weapon on Tuesday, his accuser Baylee Curran was busy telling her side of the story to several media outlets. She spoke with TMZ Live first about the incident that allegedly took place and also spoke with ABC 7 in California before doing an interview with Entertainment Tonight late Tuesday. And while speaking with ET, Curran claimed that she initially went to Brown's house late Monday night to discuss potentially being cast in one of his upcoming music videos.

Curran said that after talking business, she went into the backyard for a bit and returned to find "a new male in the home, and he was showcasing these diamond bracelets and watches and diamond necklaces." She told ET that things got tense when the man noticed her looking at the jewelry. "At that point, Chris' friend—and I don't know who he was to Chris—saw me looking at them and got a little wary, I guess," she said. "Sort of cursing and screaming at me and calling me names saying, 'Get the fuck away from the diamonds. Get the fuck back outside.'"

Curran said she was just looking at the diamonds, but Brown saw it differently. "Chris pulled out his gun," she claimed, "and said, 'Get the fuck out'...like, pointing that way and pointing it in my face and saying, 'So sick of all you people, I am going to blow your head off.' I don't really remember, but he was threatening me with the gun in my face."

Curran said she agreed to leave Brown's home but needed to retrieve her phone first. That's when she says one of Brown's associates tried to force her to sign an NDA. "I am like, 'I don't think so, I am not signing anything,'" she said. "So I then took the phone from him and made a run for it." She says Brown's friends followed her down the street as she ran away. 

Brown maintains his innocence. He was released from jail on Tuesday night after posting bail but not before being booked for felony assault with a deadly weapon. His attorney claims the charges against him are "demonstrably false."

While we wait for everything to get sorted out, you can check out Curran's interview in the video above.