All sources indicate Beyoncé gave birth to twins over the weekend. There has been additional speculation about the sex of the newest additions to the Knowles-Carter household and rumors of a minor issue keeping Beyoncé in the hospital. But all manner of conjecture aside, there are a few things even the most casual Beyoncé fan knows: the Beyhive will come for any real or perceived threat to their queen, and there have been rumors of a strained relationship between Beyoncé and Mathew since the mutual decision for them to part ways as business partners was made in 2011.

As of 12:00 pm Sunday, neither Jay Z, Solange, nor Tina Lawson had publicly confirmed rumors of Beyoncé giving birth to the twins. Mathew Knowles dropped a congratulatory tweet to his daughter saying, “They’re here!” with hastags for Jay Z, Beyoncé and a card displaying, “Happy Birthday to the twins! Love, Granddad.” Many were upset that he made the announcement before Beyoncé did.

Given how the Beyhive went into formation against Rachel Roy after the infamous “Becky with the good hair” rumors, there was an expectation of rabid Bey fans dropping insults on Knowles timeline. Suffice it to say, the Beyhive delivered.

Knowles has previously caught grief from Beyoncé fans since he and Tina Knowles finalized their divorce in 2011 amid rumors of infidelity from Mathew. In a recent interview with Houston’s Fox 26, Knowles refuted rumors of a rift between himself and Beyoncé, noting that he talks to both Solange and Beyoncé weekly.

“I would describe my relationship with my daughters as loving,” Knowles said.

Be that as it may, this might be a good time for Mathew Knowles to avoid checking his Twitter mentions until after Beyoncé’s camp provides official confirmation about the twins.