UPDATED 11:58 a.m. ET: It seems that the sex of Beyonce's twins have been revealed. A girl and boy. Though there are few details, TMZ reported that the twins are still in the hospital due to a "minor issue" but are expected to be fine. 

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Beyoncé gave birth to twins earlier this week, according to a report from US Weekly.

There have been few sets of twins in the history of the planet subjected to as much scrutiny as these twins have prior to being born. On Friday, people convinced themselves former President Barack Obama had revealed the gender of the twins, when he implied Jay Z was about to have two more daughters than him. Fans have even resorted to interpreting the colors in Beyonce's Instagram posts in an attempt to discern what the gender(s) of her twins would be. As of this writing, we don't know the sex of the babies.

Prior to giving birth, Beyonce had been absent during several major music industry events, including a planned headlining appearance at Coachella. She didn't go dark altogether, however, and even hosted a "Carter Push Party" in May to celebrate their impending birth.

With all the hype behind their eventual birth, the twins got quite a bit of fanfare on social media once the news hit.

This would help explain Jay Z's absence at the Songwriters Hall of Fame event during the same week, where the rapper was the first rapper ever to be inducted into the Hall. Family comes first!

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