This past weekend, a collaboration between Partynextdoor and Jeremih (who recently ended their feud) called "Don't Tell Me" hit the internet. It has since been removed from YouTube. The song was put over the beat of Travis Scott's "Goosebumps," which Scott recently performed 15 times in a row during a concert in Cleveland.

The song had zero connection to the platinum-selling 2016 hit, which featured Kendrick Lamar, and that naturally led to conjecture on behalf of some fans who were trying to figure out if "Goosebumps" was originally intended for someone else:

To come to a conclusion to this medium-sized mystery, DJ Booth asked Cardo, who produced the original track, what exactly the deal was. In response, Cardo revealed you could count the number of people who had that beat on one hand.

"Only three to four people had that beat," he said in a text. "That was Drake, Schoolboy Q, Future—don't know if he ever got it—Rihanna and I sent it to Young Thug as well."

As DJ Booth reasoned, that means it's not a demo nor a sanctioned release. Take your best guess as to the mystery person from that ultra exclusive list who may have sent it their way.