Travis Scott Kicks a DJ Off Stage Because He Was Terrible

Pro tip: Don’t suck at DJing.

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Travis Scott is a perfectionist, especially when it comes to live performances. And if La Flame doesn’t like something, he’s going to let you know about it.

Case in point: This unnamed DJ. Scott was performing at New City Gas Club in Montreal, Canada on New Year’s Eve. In the video above, you can see he was a little irritated at the DJ’s mixing, telling him to cue up his songs when it should be much more fluid. But with such long delays and awkward transitions, Scott wasn’t feeling it anymore.

Around the halfway mark, you can sense Scott's frustration when the DJ accidently presses the wrong button during "Pick Up the Phone," triggering loud gunshot noises after his performance. Eventually, he tells the DJ to politely leave the stage. When he does during “Goosebumps,” Scott gets behind the boards and does the mixing himself.

Pro tip for that DJ: Don’t suck.

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